This is a WIP collection of 3D stuff I do.
3D stuff
Client: Various | Year: 2020-2023

First, a series of very hard to believe things, spotted in random places.

Next, a small VFX contribution in a TV Commercial for Frinks. To see the video, you can click one of the photos. I worked in a collaboration with Propaganda agency.

Some interior setups for two commerials, in a collaboration with Propaganda agency.
To see the videos, click the photos below.

Stills from a BRD Bank TV commercial, made in a collaboration with Propaganda.
I did the 3D and compositing. To see the video, click the photos below.

Next, a 3D modeling study I built from scratch, piece by piece. Screws included. Than I did all the UV part, materials and decals, rendered it and this came up.

Stuff I did for a client portfolio Only setups and 3D part.

some random renders